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Stereo System

Incorporate your favorite music into your spa experience with our spa stereo system. Choose up to 4 speakers, subwoofer, and remote for ease of use and quality sound. We use a marine grade iPod docking station or stereo that is conformal coated for moisture. We use a high quality low voltage transformer for the stereo's power source. Many spa companies use low end car stereo units that are not designed for outdoor use or moisture and can result in many problems. At LifeSpas we invested in the proper equipment for the application.

The new pop-up round speaker design offers a 340 degree rotational housing so you can direct the sound into the spa when being used or away from the spa which is a great feature for entertaining around the spa. The waterproof three-way speaker delivers low, medium, and high to give the full range of quality sound. Some models require a fixed high quality marine grade speaker which is dependent on the spa model.

Our subwoofer is designed for a hide-a-way application. Our premium quality self-contained subwoofer is engineered to perform with great sound and depth.

Prices and specification are subject to change without notice. Options are warranted by manufacturer.

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