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Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer that can be safely used in spas and swimming pools reducing the use of chemicals such as bromine and chlorine by approximately 50%. Ozone helps reduce chemical order and irritation to eyes and skin. Ozone has a clean, fresh scent noticed after a rainstorm. Ozone is a natural purifier with no chemical by-products created during purification and is used as the final purification step in most bottled water plants.

Many spa companies will use ultraviolet bulbs to generate their ozone. At LifeSpas we use technically advanced corona discharge ozonators which use an electronic chip that is more reliable than a light bulb and uses less energy than an ultraviolet generator.

Ozone is "active oxygen" consisting of three oxygen atoms. Ozone is an unstable compound generated by the exposure of oxygen molecules to high energy electrical discharge. An oxidation reaction occurs upon any collision between an ozone molecule and a molecule of bacteria, fungi (mold & yeast), and viruses. During an oxidation reaction, organic molecules are changed and dissolved metals are made no longer soluble.

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