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Bromine Generator

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A bromine generator is known by many people as a saltwater system which is often seen on pools. This new technology is probably one of the best features to come out of the pool and spa industry. It is the most advanced spa maintenance system in the world.

Instead of using traditional chemicals you use Sodium Bromide, which is similar to table salt. This sodium bromide is converted into a pure form of bromine, back to salt, back to bromine. It uses the same sodium bromide over and over again. This system eliminates most odors, itching, and other skin irritations associated with regular chemical usage. You still have to balance your PH level, but never need to store or add any chlorine or bromine. This will save you time and money. With the bromine generator up to 90% of your maintenance is automatic; you control the amount of bromine in your spa by turning a knob. Plus, with traditional chemical use you must drain your spa every 3 months or less, with the bromine generator you will drain your spa anywhere up to 12 months depending on usage.

Genesis automatic bromine generation is the smartest, easiest and most cost effective way to keep your spa sparking and always inviting.

Hot tubs maintained by the Genesis device are virtually maintenance free and greatly reduce cost and aggravation by eliminating the purchasing, transporting, storing and handling of bromine tablets, scheduled shock treatments and other chemicals. This technology, while taking years to develop, is easy to understand, simple to use and amazingly effective.

Automating your tub is easy. First sodium bromide (sodium bromide, "NaBr" is the kissing cousin of sodium chlorine "NaCl" - table salt) is added to your spa's water.

Then the dissolved bromide ions are circulated through a bromine generation contact cell located in your spa's filtration system. This converts the bromide ions into bromine (bromine is the recommended sanitizer for hot tubs and spas) which in turn treats all of the spa's water before reverting back to sodium bromide again, thus completing the perpetual cycle.

In essence, the Genesis device means that the days of buying and handling tablets and filling those unsightly "always in the way" floating feeders are gone forever. No more hassles, just clean water.

The Genesis device is listed to UL standard 1081 - 5th Edition, listed to CSA Standard 22.2.0, has demonstrated the ability to produce 1-1/2 lbs of bromine per month, and is USEPA environmental lab tested.

The Genesis device has a manufacturers warranty for 5 years with no fine print.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Options are warranted by manufacturer.

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