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Life Spas: Offering Therapeutic Relaxation at Home

Life spas and hot tubs feature full-size spas, which comfortably seat two to ten adults. Most spas offer comfortable seating massaging neck and shoulder jets, as well as lower jets that work your feet. Depending on the Life Spa, the hot tub comes with anywhere from 14 to 44 (also custom jets can be added to any spa) massaging jets.

Swim Spas: For Exercise or Relaxation

Our large 1680 Swim Spas are different than a full-sized spa, as there is only room for five adults to sit and one to swim to length of the spa. The spa can hold up to 2,000 gallons of water and has the capacity to hold around 20, 000 pounds. The spa is featured with some options with 32 jets and three river-like jets. The spa features LED lighting and the jets appear like waterfalls when light up.

Spa Covers: Lots of Options

A 4"-2-1/2 tapered foam core lets excess water empty off quicker than the average 3-1/2"- 2-1/2" cores other companies use. Spa owners may opt for the regular 1-1/2 lb. foam core or choose the 2 lb. stronger one. Life Spas' covers feature "Sure-Loc," locking fasteners and a "Vapor Proof Barrier," a vacuum sealing method to stop water absorption. Spa covers come in a number of colors, including: grey, espresso, and tan.

Spa Cover Lifters: Providing Safety

Life Spas' feature several spa cover lifters to use when you are not using your spa, including the Cover Valet. The Cover Valet can be used with a gazebo spa or mounted onto a deck or spa cabinet, where it can be locked firmly in place until it is used again. The Cover Caddy mounts underneath and its' gas spring makes lowering or lifting your spa cover back up even up easier.

Gazebos for Your LifeSpas Spa

LifeSpas features five different gazebo series: Aliso Series, Lakeside Series, Shoreline Series, Sunset Series, and the Octagon Series. Most include large sunroofs constructed of Plexiglas, Lexan plastic windows, and siding built with a Luan interior. Customers may add bar kits to any gazebo, which feature the bar, bar stools, glass rack and a towel hook. Gazebos come in tan, grey, mocha redwood and custom colors to compliment backyard decor.

LifeSpas Offers Therapeutic Seating

LifeSpas offers spa molds with seating for most everyone's therapeutic needs. Its' therapy seats target back and neck pain by having molded neck jets above the water level that can to hit you above the shoulders.. Lounge Seats benefit active people, as it provides full hydrotherapy to the back of your thighs, legs, and feet. Most LifeSpas models provide a cool down seat so that you can sit halfway in the water and not overheat.

Reducing Spa Chemicals

Life Spas AquaLast System is eco-friendly and aids in destroying bacteria and algae, as well as stopping some chemical odors. The system increases the lifespan of both your swimwear and your hot tub and helps prevents irritating skin rashes. In addition, the ozonator reduces chemical odor of chemicals like chlorine or bromine because you don’t have to use them. This system is up to 90% chemical free.

LifeSpas Filtration Facts

According to LifeSpas, high temperatures in spas and hot tubs make it easy for bacteria to flourish. While no filter will take the place of sanitizers to kill the bacteria, a 50 sq. ft. filter will meet the needs of standard size spas. The top loading skimmer skims the water surface to a track oils and excess debris through the filter, while the sharp pleat fold design makes it simpler to flush loose sand and debris.

Superior Spa Equipment since 1995

Life Spas digital spa equipment is highly superior to other spa equipment with more features, better built parts and is very user friendly.

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