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Aliso Series
Lakeside Series
Shoreline Series
Sunset Series
Plastek Finish
Features & Colors

We offer a full line of high quality gazebos from privacy panels to full enclosures with many
colors, quality features, and options.

Aliso Series Gazebo
Lakeside Series Gazebos
Shoreline Series Gazebos
Sunset Series Gazebos

Octagon Series Gazebos

Plastek Maintenance-Free Wood Finish

Surround Package

Features and Colors


Ours Theirs
Industrial grade skylights Thin acrylic inserted in redwood
Lexan dual pain honey comb windows Thin single ply acrylic
Composite or metal roofing Redwood slats or metal
Composite siding Redwood slats
Large full panels for siding and solid roofs Redwood slats
Lexan windows help stop UV rays and heat n/a
Special window siding design that is bind resistant n/a
Luan hard wood veneer backing for panels n/a
French style designed window frames n/a
Colonial grids in windows n/a
Plastec Finish option with 5 year warranty n/a
Custom gazebos available n/a
Custom colors available n/a
Heavy duty door roller tracks n/a


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