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Features & Colors


Windows - Our windows are made with Lexan plastic ensuring our windows to be maintenance free. Lexan is a very durable dual pane material that is tested by shooting 3-quarter inch hale 50 miles per hour at it. It comes in a smoke color and white.

Sunroofs - Our large sunroofs are industrial Plexiglas that offers protection from the elements while still allowing light to illuminate through.

Siding & Solid Roofs - A composite material with a Luan interior is used for gazebos with siding or solid roofs. The material comes in larger pieces, rather than slats, to decrease warping allowing your gazebo to stay square and windows to slide open and close with ease.


Select from one of our four colors; redwood, tan, gray, or mocha, to match your spa and backyard décor. Custom colors are available; see salesmen for details. Windows come in white or smoke.


Bar Kits - Optional bar kits can be added to your gazebo to increase your enjoyment in and round your spa. Bar kits include a bar, stools, wine glass rack, and a convenient towel hook.

Anchor & Leveling Kits - The anchor and leveling kit is made of galvanized steel plates that attach to the ground and posts. The steel is primed with a rust inhibiting primer. They can be anchor bolted to the concrete or screwed to the wooden deck with stainless steel screws (bolts and screws included). The leveling shims are made of 1/8" thick Plexiglass.

Snow Load Kits - If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow, you will want our retro fit snow load kit to help support the weight of snow on your gazebo.

- Many gazebo companies use slats to assemble their roofs and siding. This causes the gazebo to warp over time in the elements often times making it difficult to open and close windows and doors. A lot of the windows are thin sheets of acrylic that will fade and become brittle and crack. Not using quality materials force many gazebo owners to constantly work on their gazebo to keep it in working condition and from becoming an eye sore.


All measurements and weights are approximate. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Manufactured and warranted by R&R Design.-USA since 1987.

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