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Syntexx cabinet

Syntexx Siding

LifeSpas Syntexx siding is an extruded composite that looks and feels like natural wood except that it is maintenace free. Its rich colors and embossed grain offers the authentic appeal of real wood while providing the durability and easy care of rigid polymers.

LifeSpas uses 5 and 10 inch flat backed tongue and grove slats to build each side panel. The wider slats offer greater strength and the flat backs allow for each slat to adhere better to its panel support.

Syntexx does not require painting or staining and is stain and fade resistant. Syntexx panels are removable for access to your plumbing and a door with lock and keys allows easy access to your equipment. An entire cabinet built with Syntexx siding helps contain heat and seal out the cold while still allowing ventilation for the pumps through our louvered pump vents.

Many spa companies offer similar looking siding that is thinner with less UV protection and no ridgedizer, causing the siding to warp in heat. The panels are not easily removable and the doors are screwed shut with no lock and key.

Tapered Design

LifeSpas spa shell is wrapped over the cabinet siding and the bottom frame has a toe kick. This design allows for water to run all the way to the ground and not into your cabinet and framing.

Optional Rock Siding Available

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  • Higher heat deflection temperature than any product on the market; 185-190 Degrees Fahrenheit

  • Lower Expansion/Contraction Properties; Less expansion (1.72x10(-5)) and less contraction (1.60x10(-5)) in./ in/ F

  • Better UV Protection than any other stated with a Delta E @ 3000 hours of .78 on gray and 1.04 on red. Less than 2.0 cannot be seen by the naked eye. (1000 hours = 1 year in the sun)

  • Polymer Rigedizer Composite; contains rigedizer with plastic sandwiched between one of the best UV inhibitors in the world ASA (acrylic)

  • In compliance with UL 1563, Section 6.3.4, Test Standard 746C

  • Moisture and dry rot resistant

  • Superior weather ability-color retention

  • Impervious to insects such as termites

  • Ease of Fabrication; contains at least 15% ridgedizer, improved cutting and workability, encapsulates nails once punctured, and is reversible.

  • Superior Scratch Resistance

  • Greater Impact Strength

  • Superior Chemical Resistance

LifeSpas also offers other types of siding material. See individual spa specifications for details. Prices and specification are subject to change without notice. Manufactured and warranted by spa manufacturer.

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