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LifeSpas offers a wide range of shell materials and construction methods. Not all shells are built alike, so by offering all the major materials and construction methods you get a wider choice. When you go to a spa company that only sells one type of material and construction method they will usually tell you it is the best. We offer standard acrylics and ABS back shell materials. Whether it is the luster shine of Lucite Acryilc or the granite look and texture of Aristech Quarite; at LifeSpas you will find many choices of colors and textures for your spa.

LifeSpas also offers Duraflexx Spa Shell, an exclusive spa shell far surpassing the industry standard for spa shells. We use a .350 thick thermoplastic where many acrylics are .125 to .175 thick. Duraflexx Spa Shells are a composite of the finest material available in the industry. Duraflexx outer layer is a thermoplastic for high impact strength. This material is UV stable and can withstand extreme temperatures.

This shell can easily be repaired with its own material unlike most spas. Duraflexx Spa Shell surface has a unique texture which feels great on your skin and helps prevent slipping. Duraflexx Spa Shell surface is easy to clean and has stain resistant properties. When it comes to spa shells, there is no better place than LifeSpas to select a shell with the look and durability you are looking for.

Many spa companies use high density foam backing or no backing at all. At LifeSpas we use a blend of fiberglass and ridgedizer to create a thicker shell and overall strength which intern helps resist surface damage.

Many customers feel that there is no difference from one spa shell to the next. We know from selling numerous replacement spas to customers and having to haul away competitor's spas to the dump, shells should be built to last because nobody wants to throw away their spa.

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Prices and specification are subject to change without notice. Manufactured and warranted by spa manufacturer.

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