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With today's fast pace and stressful lifestyle you owe it to yourself to unwind and recuperate your mind and body with the custom hydrotherapy offered by LifeSpas. LifeSpas therapy seats are ergonomically designed to relax your body from head to toe.

On our LifeSpas LS spa models we only use large jets that are spinning or directional and can be turned down or turned off at each jet individually. We also use dual suctions per pump allowing less restriction, more volume, and more power. With multiple air controls, you are able to inject more air through your jets improving the performance. We also have our Therapy Control Valve which lets you quickly adjust the pressure around your spa.

LifeSpas LS spa models do not have micro jets; whereas, many spa companies will use up to 80% of these inexpensive small less flow jets. In an attempt to sell on the number of jets many spa companies will install more jets than the pump can handle. The more jets you put in the spa the less pressure you will receive. It is kind of like a lawn sprinkler system; it may work great with 10 sprinkler heads, but if you put on 25 there is hardly any pressure.

Many spa companies will try to play the numbers game and offer a lot of smaller cheaper jets, such as micro jets, to customers so they think they are getting more for their dollar. The performance of your spa and the total amount of therapy it can deliver does not entirely have to do with the number of jets, rather the style and size of the jet and where it is placed. A wide range of jet sizes and functions are available to get the spa that is right for you. Each person is unique and may require different style jets in different areas of their bodies to fulfill their hydrotherapy needs.

LifeSpas not only offers a wide variety of jets and designs, but the ability to custom place the jets you want and where you need them assuring maximum spa performance. Jets can be added for as little as $20 and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist in any customization you feel necessary to design the perfect spa for you and your family.

Super Spinning Twin Jets

These 5" diameter jets have a split nozzle that can be adjusted into two different directions allowing the jet to spin. It is like having 2 jets in 1. Depending how far you spread the nozzles is how much of your body this jet will cover.

Super Spinning Jets

These 5" diameter jets are designed to deliver a high volume of water in a wide rotational pattern. This jet nozzle can be adjusted from its widest setting, creating the large circle, to its narrowest setting, shooting straight, and everything in between.

Jumbo Gatlin Jets

These 4" diameter jets are designed to break up the flow of the jet nozzle creating a pulsating stream of water. This jet offers a unique massage that feels great.

Jumbo Spinning Jets

These 4" diameter jets have an adjustable spinning nozzle. Spinning faster than the larger Super Jets and delivering a higher volume of water than the smaller Large Jets, these jets are enjoyed by all.

Jumbo Adjustable Jets

These 4" diameter jets allow you to adjust the jet nozzle to the exact direction you. These jets will not spin or pulsate so you can be precise in your therapy needs.
Large Adjustable Jets

These 3" diameter jets can be adjusted into the direction of your choice. Large Adjustable Jets are perfect for your feet and any other area of your body that needs a concentrated flow of water.

Large Spinning Jets

These 3" diameter jets spin at an extremely fast rate for a concentrated deep tissue massage. When Large Spinning Jets are clustered together the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Micro Jets

These 1 ½" diameter jets have no nozzle and only shoot water in a straight stream. Originally only used as an ozone jet, micro jets are now being used by many spa companies to cheaply offer a larger number of jets.


Prices and specification are subject to change without notice. Manufactured and warranted by spa manufacturer.

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