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Many Insulation Choices Available

Energy efficiency is an important consideration in the design of a spa. Many spa companies use polyurethane foam which is sprayed onto the back of the shell either fully or partially filling the spa cabinet with foam. Shopping can be a daunting task because if a spa company only sells full foam they will tell you it is the best insulation and if a spa company only sells partial foam they too will tell you it is the best. Then to add to the confusion, some spa companies will not use spray foam on their shells at all, instead using thermal wraps and of course they too will tell you it is the best.

LifeSpas offers full foam insulation and partial foam insulation with either ½ lb. or 2 lb. density foam and have Thermal Shield available. Our knowledgeable staff will let you know the pros and cons so you are crystal clear on what insulation is best for you.


Prices and specification are subject to change without notice. Manufactured and warranted by spa manufacturer.

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