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Framing is rarely talked about when shopping for a spa. This is a major disservice to customers because a poor frame design, under the weight of the shell and water, can bend and become un-square causing damage to your spa shell. Without using the right materials for the framing, over time, it can rot and be invaded by insects. Framing can send your spa to an early grave, so we feel it important not to overlook such a vital part of your spa.

Many spa companies use 2x2 or 2x3 for upright supports, non-treated wood bases, and use thin pump mounting plates made out of plywood. The framing is nailed or stapled together and then the spa shell is connected to the frame by using foam as the sole adhesive holding the spa shell to the framing.

LifeSpas uses 2x4 uprights with gussets to straighten supports, square cabinet, and strengthen framing. We use pressure treated wood for the bottom frame and our pumps are mounted on a heavy duty mounting frame made out of pressure treated 2x4's. The shells are bolted to the framing in addition to using the foam as an adhesive.

Our Spa Framing:

  • Shell is bolted to frame
  • Pressure treated wood base
  • Pump mounting frame made with treated 2x4's
  • Gussets to square, support, and strengthen framing
  • Optional steel framing
  • 2x4 Upright Supports
  • Reinforced Rounded Corners

Their Spa Framing:

  • Shell is foamed to frame
  • Non treated wood base
  • Pump mounting plate made with plywood
  • No gussets leading to weaker and un-square frames
  • No options for framing
  • 2x2 Upright Supports
  • Non-reinforced Rounded Corners

Steel Frame (Optional)

Our steel frame is made of heavy grade galvanized steel with double upright reinforced sides creating uncompromised structural integrity, without adding excess weight to the spa. This frame is impervious to damage from insects, termites, and will not promote the growth of mold, mildew, or rot.

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Prices and specification are subject to change without notice. Manufactured and warranted by spa manufacturer.

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