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Many spa manufacturers have digital equipment; however, not all digital equipment is the same. To save on cost many equipment manufacturers will use cheaper internal parts which may have a short life span.

Our electronic spa controls are built with the benefit of 20 years of experience. These controls have a lot of smarts built in, are far more reliable, and above all they are extremely friendly to use.

The LifeForce 1500 series can control a 2 speed primary pump, a single speed air blower or a single speed secondary pump, a 12 volt spa light, an auxiliary light or accessory and an ozonator or other sanitizing system. The system comes with a calibrated pressure switch, a heavy duty 2 pole contactor to control the 5.5 KW attached heating element. This system is convertible and may be wired 220/110 volts depending on pump size.

The LifeForce 2500 series includes everything the 1500 series has plus a GFCI and a Titanium heating element. The 2500 series may also be expanded to run 3 pumps and additional options. Many spa manufacturers do not offer GFCIs built into their equipment, leaving the customer to pay an electrician hundreds of dollars more to have one installed. For a relatively inexpensive part on your spa equipment many spa manufacturers would rather save the small amount of wholesale cost forcing their customers to incur a large retail expense on the install of the spa. Our Titanium heater offers you chemical resistance by using one of the world's strongest metals. Our Titanium heater will put your mind at ease with its 5 year corrosion free warranty.

The LifeForce equipment packs have been designed with the user, the spa manufacturer as well as the serviceman in mind. Our equipment is designed to work for years rather than creating customer tears.

When the heating circuit fails most boards need to be replaced or they will catch fire and burn down your spa. Our pack as a 40 amp contactor (the distribution electrical terminal block) so the heating circuit is separate from the board, so the board is protected and doesn't need to be replaced when the heating circuit fails.

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Digital Spa Equipment Digital Spa Equipment
1. High temperature protection 1. High temperature protection
2. Auto filtration cycle 2. Auto filtration cycle
3. Freeze protection 3. Freeze protection
4. Error messages 4. Error messages
5. Filter cycle duration programmable 5. Filter cycle duration programmable
6. Fully convertible amperage 6. Fully convertible amperage
7. Fahrenheit or centigrade 7. Fahrenheit or centigrade
8. 50 amp to 30 amp convertible 8. 50 amp to 30 amp convertible
9. Real time clock
10. 4 independent filtration cycles
11. Economy mode
12. Post use filtration
13. Silence mode
14. Temperature calibration
15. Extra large LED display
16. Elapsed time counter
17. Optional 24 hour circulation pump
18. Maintenance cycle - energy efficient
19. Time of day memory
20. User timer programmable
21.High temperature log

Ours Theirs
Heater Contactor PC Mount Heater
Contactor protects circuit board from heater load average lifespan
7-10 years $50 for new contactor
No contactor PC mount heater relays average lifespan 2-4 years up to $800 for new circuit board
5.5kw heaters Often downgrading to 4kw heaters to minimize load and heat on relays
Contactor rated at 40 amps and we are driving 20 amps to the heater PC mount relays are rated at 30 amps and driving 20 amps to the heater
Metal Equipment Box Plastic Equipment Box
Metal box can radiate heat generated by relays, air, electrical, motor, etc. Plastic box contains heat generated by relays, air, electrical, motor, etc.
Metal box radiates heat allowing larger amp draws 16+ amp pumps Plastic box will not tolerate higher amounts of heat often limiting pumps to 12 amps
Metal can contain a problem fire Plastic box can melt and spread problem fire
Ours Theirs
Digital Topside Digital Topside
LED 1 inch characters with bright display LCD 3/8 inch characters with dim display
Limited components in topside to limit exposure from harsh environment Too many components in topside being exposed to harsh environment
Cost effective to replace Very costly to replace
Ours Theirs
Service Service
Easily unplug external components Some external components are hardwired
Labeled one way connectors only connecting to corresponding positions controlled by length and color Run risk of wiring or plugging in components wrong and causing damage to equipment and components
Simply setup with neat wiring Complicated setup with messy wiring
Easy access to all internal components Often difficult to reach certain internal components
Heavy duty large connection terminal block  
Prices and specification are subject to change without notice. Manufactured and warranted by spa manufacturer.

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