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Ergonomic Seating

With over 25 years experience in spa mold design, LifeSpas spa molds are ergonomically designed to fit a wide range of body types. Wide bucket seats and deep foot wells allow the body to relax in a natural position while keeping you properly positioned for maximum therapy.

Therapy Seats

LifeSpas CEO and Founder invented the first therapy seat back in 1987 and has improved on them over the years. Today our therapy seats are designed specifically to target all the areas of the back and neck that retain the pain of everyday stress and ailments. Many spa companies only offer hydrotherapy for those parts of the body that can remain submerged under water. Our therapy seats have reverse molded neck jets that are above the water line and over the shoulder. Many spa companies will avoid the difficult and time consuming process of reverse molding, leaving customers without the means of getting hydrotherapy for their neck and shoulders.


For most people the need for therapy is not isolated to their back and neck. Whether you are athletic or work on your feet all day, a lounge is the best way to get full hydrotherapy for your legs and feet. Our lounge is designed to target the back of your thighs down through your calves to the bottom of your feet. So kick your feet up, lay your head back, and relax with a full body massage in a LifeSpas lounge.

Cool Down Seat

Hot water will raise your body temperature, eventually forcing you to get out of the water to cool down. Unfortunately it is sometimes too cold to sit all the way out of the spa, or some people would rather not sit so deep in their spa all the time. Many LifeSpas models have cool down seats which sit you half way out of the water so you do not over heat, while still enjoying the warmth of the spa and in some cases the therapy of a jet. This raised seat is also great for little ones.

Cosmetic Design

LifeSpas spas are designed with a sleek new look with wider radius corners, interior wave design, two tone "S" designed controls, curved filter weir assembly, and 2 inch vertical grooved siding. LifeSpas has many shell, siding, and cover colors to choose from to match any décor. With optional stainless steel jets, LED lighting systems, waterfalls, and a full line of gazebo products, you are guaranteed to have a stylish addition to your backyard.

Flat Top Design

Many people will sit on the narrow edges of a spa to cool down before reentering the water. LifeSpas edges are flatter and wider than many spas in the industry. Some are completely rounded or beveled making it very difficult and in some cases impossible to sit on. In addition, a flatter and wider edge makes a better seal with the cover decreasing heat loss and increasing efficiency.

Prices and specification are subject to change without notice. Manufactured and warranted by spa manufacturer.


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