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Why By appointment Only?

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Why by appointment only?

It may seem strange to have to book an appointment to see or even purchase our spas, but with prices and quality that we offer we need to think about traffic control. Have you ever been to a store when there was no one to assist you? The Founder and CEO of LifeSpas has been selling spas since 1979 and has sold through regular retail stores, home shows, and fairs. Often the problem with selling that way was not having adequate time or staff to properly inform the consumer on the product they are looking to buy, not to mention the added overhead of the sales staff sitting around or paying for expensive booths at shows and fairs (which raises the spas price). In addition to appointments helping control the price of the spa it ensures customers knowing the basics about spas and there installation.

A spa probably cost more than all your appliances combined and is the hardest working, normally outdoors, exposed to the elements, holds approximately 4000 lbs. of water, chemicals, and a bunch of people. This is why we believe making an appointment is so important so we can show you the quality of our spas. We want every customer to be comfortable with their purchase. By setting an appointment with LifeSpas you won't be wasting your time or money. You can leave a proud owner of one of the highest quality spas with the features and quality you want, knowledge of how it is constructed, and how to maintain it. We understand time is money and your time is one of the most valuable things you have, so spend a little time up front in learning about spas and save hours of headaches and up to thousands of dollars. We not only give you the quality and prices you need, we give you the time and attention you deserve.

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