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LifeSpas and EverStream Manufacturing are continually making efforts to reduce its operations and product effects on the environment. From building a more energy-efficient spa to recycling programs, LifeSpas goal is to minimize both raw materials for the manufacturer and energy consumption for the end user.

Trimmings of acrylic and fiberglass are grounded down into a powder and used as a ridgidizer in the fiberglass process. By reusing shell trimmings we are able to greatly reduce our waste and purchase fewer raw materials while increasing the strength and durability of our shells.

Our Dura-flexx trimmings and scrap material can actually be recycled back to the plastics manufacturer which greatly reduces environmental waste and also saves money which is then passed to our customers.

All of LifeSpas corporate showrooms and offices recycle cans and bottles.

To avoid deforestation all of our Gazebos are built with farm raised redwood.

All manufacturer employees are offered financial incentives to car pool to and from work.

Many meetings have converted from in person to conference calls reducing the total amount of travel by all employees.

Provide more product information on the internet verses costly and wasteful brochures.

Offer spa sanitation systems such as Bromine Generators, AquaLast Systems, and ozonators which greatly reduce the need for harmful chemicals such as chlorine and bromine.

LifeSpas manufacturer uses special energy efficient air compressors, natural and energy efficient lighting.

LifeSpas manufacturer exceeds EPA and OSHA regulations.

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