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Many spa companies build their spas only one way in regards to shell materials, insulation process and shell support and then claim that their way is the best way, while at the same time offering no alternatives for the customer to choose for themselves.
At LifeSpas we believe in educating our customers and explaining the pros and cons of each process because we have the flexibility of offering many ways of building a spa.

5 Different types of Shell Materials
4 Different types of Insulation
4 Different types of Siding
8 Different types of Jets
4 pump sizes and circulation pump option
4 Filtration Systems
4 Sanitation Systems
Gas ready or electric 110v, 110/220v convertible, 220v in 30, 50, 60 amp
Regular & Titanium heater
Many options available
Custom Jet placement
Custom Equipment placement
Custom Cabinets available
Extended Warranties
In-ground spas available
Gazebos available in many different styles to fit your privacy and comfort
Privacy panels
Spa Side Umbrella

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Options are warranted by manufacturer.

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