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Sounds like a high pressure sale.

People normally love the way we do business because we show and offer many ways of building a spa and explain the differences so it is much easier to make an educated decision. Most spa companies are high pressure because they will only spend 30 minutes with you and in most cases not prove anything but yet ask you to spend the big bucks. At LifeSpas we prove the difference in how spas are made therefore alleviating the pressure and giving our customers an opportunity to make a confident decision in making their purchase. LifeSpas like most companies also offers incentives for customers to buy however there is obviously no obligation to buy.

Never heard of your company or brand.

If you do enough research you will notice that there are more brands in the spa industry that you have never heard of then ones you have. Most people have heard of Jacuzzi and whatever brand is sold in their neighborhood at a retail store they drive by every day. We have been selling spas for since 1995 and our major spa manufacturer has been building spas since 1976. If you insist on buying a brand you have heard of before you are narrowing your choices dramatically and chances are you will be paying extra for a name. Do yourself a favor and come see us first and if you don't like what you see go and buy the brand you know.

Cheap promotional spa is to just get you in to buy a more expensive spa.

We guarantee the lowest pricing. We do advertise our most affordable model the DS660. Don’t let the low price fool you this model is built better than the industry standard with over 15 major upgrades and its loaded with features (see DS 660) and its American made. The reality is we do sell more expensive spas also to customers who come in for the advertised spa and decide not to buy it. We offer many different spas and a full range of price points. Just because our DS660 is our lowest priced spa does not necessarily make it the perfect spa for every customer. We do have our advertised spa in the showroom as a display model and it is always available for purchase.

Why do I have to make an appointment? Why can't I just come in and look?

It may seem strange to have to book an appointment to see or even purchase our spas, but there is a very good reason for this. The Founder and CEO of LifeSpas has been selling spas since 1979 and has sold through regular retail stores, home shows, and fairs. Often the problem with selling that way was not having adequate time or staff to properly inform the customer on the product or products they are looking to buy, not to mention the added overhead of having additional sales staff and paying for expensive booths at shows and fairs. That added overhead has to be added to the price of the spa. In addition to appointments helping control the price of the spa it ensures customers know the quality, how to properly maintain their spa, and see every option and feature available before making a decision. Don't worry, we have a very fun and entertaining sales staff that will ensure you enjoy your experience with LifeSpas. The time fly's by and you will be thankful you came and gave us the time, even if you decide not to buy.

Your showroom is too far away.

With gas prices the way they are it is easy to see driving a long distance to our showroom as a waste of money, but you really need to compare the savings on the spa and the cost of having to drive to 3 or 4 closer showrooms to shop for a spa. We are able to save our customers up to $2,000-$6,000 on their spa purchase and up to 9 out of 10 customers who come into our showrooms find what they want and buy saving them the time and money of continually shopping around.

Don't have the time.

If you can't spend a small amount of time before spending thousands of dollars, then you probably don't have enough time to even use and enjoy a spa. In actuality the way we do business saves you time. Most people spend far more than an hour and a half driving around town shopping spa stores and trying to find a salesperson knowledgeable enough to answer all their questions and help find the right spa for them. It is funny how the thing we get complemented the most on is how we do business and how we offer some the highest quality. They thank us for proving to them the differences in quality and prices. They feel confident in purchasing from us and many have made the comment that they almost didn't show up to their appointment and they are happy they did because we proved to them without a doubt we have the highest quality at the best price.

What do you do in an appointment?

It is fairly simple, very informative, and entertaining. The time fly's by and it is mainly customers who decide to stay longer. Once you see what we can do for you and at a great price, you will want to take the extra time to purchase and take advantage of our quality features, options available, and low pricing. Here is a very basic outline of what we do. You will notice we won't waste your time and the information is relevant even if you decide not to purchase from us.

  • Setup, delivery, electrical
  • Materials, construction methods, maintenance
  • Spa models and options
  • Pricing and warranty

That is basically it. Wouldn't you agree that it is wise to go over this information before making a purchase? Most places spend more time than us and don't cover half of we can because they are unstructured and often times skip over things or simply forget to cover them. Even if you have owned a spa before, you will still find it very informative because a lot has changed in the industry.

The economy is down and I don't want to spend that kind of money now.

Any portable spa purchase is going to be a significant investment, but you really need to think about what a spa can do for you. With the rising cost of travel many families are opting to invest in their backyard than spending thousands on vacation which are short periods of time rather than year round. With the hectic fast pace way of life it is hard to bring the family together away from the television and internet. Many people also spend a lot of money on physical therapy and massages for their injuries, aliments, or just getting old. Purchasing a spa is a great way to bring the family closer while saving thousands on vacations, massages, and therapy by having a portable spa year round in your own backyard. Without a doubt a spa will improve your standard of living. How long should you wait before improving your life? Whereas we spend lots of money on things we can only enjoy one time, doesn't it make sense to invest a little on something you can enjoy for many years and forego those continuous expenses? In many cases a spa is a great investment for the body and the budget.

I have read some negative things about LifeSpas online.

Unfortunately we cannot control what people write on the internet about our company including our competition. We will not deny that some of the posts are legitimate customers with legitimate complaints; however, there are many spa forums that are filled with people in the industry trying to hurt their competition. Especially when their competition is selling up to 10 times what they are able to sell. It is not hard to find complaints on every spa company let alone every company selling products or services. We obviously have many happy customers that went out of their way to post

We understand that some customers get upset and we always do our very best to take care of them, just the same, they sometimes feel it necessary to vent their frustration online. As in all complaints, we do investigate and try to find resolutions for any problems our customers may experience. Unfortunately however, we have discovered that many times it has been our competitors who have been posing as one of our customers and making illegitimate postings about our quality and service in addition to referring them to their business by slandering ours. Another issue we have come across are customers who are out of warranty or there are those customers who have damaged or neglected to maintain their product and want us to provide parts and service for free. In cases like these we do try to make every effort to help these customers but there is always a small percentage who can't be satisfied no matter how hard we have tried to assist them. For some customers they have posted their issues before actually calling us, so we encourage our customers to call our customer service department so that we may assist in any questions you might have or attend to any service issues you may need.

We are a member of the BBB and are in good standing. We can truly save you money and offer a higher quality product, you owe it to yourself to come and check us out in person to decide for yourself and not rely on the free for all non-creditable information on the internet.

I want to know more pricing on other spas before I come in.

We never do any kind of pricing over the phone. We have been in business long enough to know that it only creates problems. Prices do change and verbally quoted prices turn into "he said, she said" arguments, so we keep it simple over the phone. All pricing is done in writing in our showrooms. Also we don't price over the phone because we customize. You have to select the type of material, jets, pumps, insulation, cabinet, etc. Only our highly trained sales representatives are able to price our products. They are often too busy giving their attention to customers in the showroom to deal with the overwhelming amount of inquiring phone calls. Fact is we have a wide selection and can customize spas, but no matter what you decide to buy from us we will be able to save you thousands of dollars.

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