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Using foam as an Insulation versus structural support allows us to use ½ density foam verses 2lb. density foam. This uses fewer chemicals to create the foam and with more trapped air you achieve better insulation.

Since heat rises, covers are very important to the efficiency of your spa. With 4 to 2 ½ inch tapered covers you have more than adequate insulation. With our flat top Design on the spas our covers will be sure to seal in the warmth and keep out the cold.

With our Protec-Foundation and our thick Siding, you are able to seal in the warm air within the cabinet which is used to inject into the jets reducing heat loss during operation or full foam insulation is available. With optional Thermal Shield you can increase this efficiency for those colder climates.

Our LifeForce Equipment has an exclusive Water Management System which is economical and efficient. Every 3 hours the system will run the pump on low for 5 minutes to achieve an accurate reading of the spa's water temperature, not just the temperature of the water in the plumbing. If heating is necessary the heater will turn on until the spa has regained its pre-set temperature and the system will then turn off. It is far more efficient maintaining the temperature of the water than it is to heat the water. With the LifeForce Equipment checking temperature every 3 hours, independent of filtration cycles, assures the heater will spend a minimal amount of time and energy heating the water.

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