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CEO Founder Inventor Visionary

Our CEO got into the spa business in 1979 and since then has always been looking for higher quality products to offer. In doing this he sold many major brands of spas, shopped many spa companies, and toured many manufacturing plants. He kept seeing the same service issues throughout the industry, he actually began redesigning spas, parts and features to make them superior. Today LifeSpas are built with the customer in mind we offer the highest quality spas in the world.

1984 Designed an alternative equipment box to painted or powder coated due to rust and rotting issues made out of polished stainless steel

1986 Designed pressure treated spa base.

1987 Invented the first Therapy Seat (many jets in one seat) which is now used on many of the high end spas in the industry.

1988 Introduced the Rejuvenator control diverter system allowing the pressure to be diverted to the therapy seat.

1989 Improved the Therapy Seat design and added spinning jets.

1991 Invented the Convertible Spa the first self contained portable spa that can be buried.

1993 Offered DURAFLEXX SPA SHELL which is exclusive and far exceeds other spa shells in the industry with durability and strength.

1994 Offered Pro-Tec Foundation a raised plastic barrier with treated frames.

1995 LifeSpas started with one location in Mira Loma, California and the company continues to grow today.

1995 Offered new low prices to the public with factory outlet pricing.

1996 Introduced a new trademarked educational system to show the differences in spas.

2003 Issued U.S. Patent #6,978,495 for in-ground/self-contained Convertible Spas.

2004 LifeLine is a specially designed GFCI box that works with in-ground/self-contained Convertible Spas.

2004 Designed a full line of high quality gazebos with great features, materials and warranties.

2005 Introduced the Bromine Generator.

2006 Issued U.S. Patent #7,020,910 for LifeLine and upgrades and revisions to Convertible Spa.

2007 New manufacturing plant and manufacturer from a 2 acres to a 9 acres facility can handle higher volume (Manufacturing from a 2 acre to a nine acre facility, we now can handle much more volume for expansion and consumer demand).

2008 Introduced a new fiberglass backing with Rigidizers.

2008 Offered new higher quality sidings Syntexx.

2008 Introduced the AquaLast System, the only fully integrated system on the market which is also "Green Friendly".

2009 New swim spa LS1280 model.

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