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Voted # 1 in 2008
San Diego Union Tribune
San Diego, CA

LifeSpas is a national company. The company offers a factory warranty that is one of the best in the industry with many referrals from happy customers. They have a huge selection from which to choose, more than most spa stores. Low overhead lets them pass savings on to customers. "We make custom spas to fit the needs of customers-from two people to whole families-making the possibilities endless," said Donna Durfee, general manager. "You can have it your way."

From Motion Picture Star
Beau Bridges

“If you’re looking to get the best quality spa that is built to last and you want to get the best prices, go to LifeSpas. They were knowledgeable and explained all the details to me while still giving me a great price! I bought A LifeSpas Spa!”

Beau Bridges

Mike Pena
West Covina, CA

I shopped at least seven major hot tub companies before purchasing a LifeSpas Spa . The spa I bought had a better seating layout, was much roomier, and had more horsepower. I was able to custom order special spa accessories (e.g., waterfall, Super-Max lighting, misters and ozonator), which turned out great. I referred my brother to LifeSpas, who also purchased a custom spa for himself that he totally enjoys. I would definitely check them out. You can’t beat the quality of their products and their ongoing customer support.

D. Merritt
Santa Cruz, CA

Merritt's Spa
Since the purchase of my LS 7000, I can’t remember how much fun getting wet was. After a busy 6-day trip, encountering snowstorms, thunderstorms, busy skies and windy landings, I finally get to relax in the warm waters of my spa. The "Capts. Seat," which my girlfriend calls it, is a nice welcoming home gift; with 7 jets working magic on my back. The sales and service that I have experienced have been wonderful. Thomas, the salesman who I purchased my spa from, was extremely knowledgeable, kind and honest. He will make any new spa customer feel very at home and at ease.

Derrick Campbell
Austin, TX

We were very pleased with our experience with Bill and his helpful staff with Lifespas of Texas. We have been very happy with the quality hot tub spa that we purchased. It looks great but more importantly functions terrific. Having been a previous Spas owners before relocating from New York we were aware of the various features available. Lifespas was able to make a custom built spa with the features we desired for a good price. We were also able to have all of our questions addressed during the low key presentation which was provided. Our spa was custom made and delivered promptly. We also use an electrician whom Bill recommended for reasonable hook up of 220 line. We are so thrilled with our spa and it has certainly helped us complete our tropical back yard setting here in the Austin area.

P.S. It is so nice to be able to use our spa year round now that our community pool season is winding down. We highly recommend that you contact Bill and discuss all that Lifetime Spas has to offer!!

Mike Cash
Peoria, AZ

We purchased our spa a year ago and we are very happy with the purchase. Everything has (and) is still working great. My wife and I appreciate the great deal you gave us on the spa. Your pricing was much better than all the other spa companies. I shopped around too...I will definitely refer my family and friends who are in the market for a new spa.

Benton Mahaffey
Austin, TX

I finally finished recreating my deck around our beautiful hot tub and wish to share a few pictures with you. The spa has been a dream come true. We use it almost everyday and it works flawlessly. What a great way to spend a Friday evening after work.



Michael Barnett
Huntington Beach, CA

We were skeptical at first, especially since we drove over an hour to get to the appointment, but once we got there we soon found out about the superior quality and pricing. We had shopped many different places before coming in. Other spa companies said we would have to crane in the spa, costing us hundreds of dollars. LifeSpas was able to make it happen without a crane, saving us hundreds of dollars in addition to the savings on the spa. The thing I like most about my LifeSpas Spa, even after eight years, is how easy it is to keep clean.

Margaret Kibbe
Austin, TX

LifeSpas of Texas is an excellent place to buy your hot tub! We were impressed by the quality of information during the sales pitch and felt it was worth our time, just to understand the construction, mechanical, and design options available in the market. We decided to purchase with LifeSpas and the price was definitely the best deal for our money. Delivery was without a hitch, and the online communicaton with Bill, ceo of LifeSpas of Texas, has proven to be extremely helpful. We did have a problem with our heater, which was completely covered by the warranty, and again, a quick email communication and Bill got right on it. We had a service tech come out and switched the heater, checked everything, and we were thrilled with the results, at absolutely no cost to us. I'm a first time reviewer---usually don't bother--but I am impressed with value when I see it this clearly! :)Margaret

Pros: Excellent quality product, excellent warranty, great communication

Cons: plan for the 4 weeks to receive it---worth the wait

Duane & Nancy Anderson
Mesa Arizona

We have the LS 1180 and just love it. When the family came down from Canada for Christmas we just put them all in there and had a great family conversation time.

I am so grateful to have the Genesis system as well so I only have to change the water once a year and it is so much better for our skin. Also the type of material that the spa is made of is indestructible and solar resistant, which I love.

Thank you once again for telling us the whole truth about spas, you have saved us much grief for now and in the future. Everybody needs to come and hear what you have to say about spas before they purchase one.

Jason & Bonnie Bennetson
Cedar Park, Texas

We had an Aquatic Industries spa for 11 years and really enjoyed it although we were tired of having to re-stain and repair the wood cabinet. The cabinet was not covered at the top by the thin blue marble plastic tub and was rotting. We wanted to sell it before it fell apart and was still in working condition. We looked at the spas in the Austin area and the retail prices were as high as buying a new vehicle. We debated on purchasing a used or refurbished spa that we could afford, but wanted a new spa. So we searched on the internet to find a
better deal and came across LifeSpas.

We were amazed to find that we could afford a new spa in our price range. We contacted Bill Meyer and were very impressed with his presentation and knowledge of spas. We chose a 7 ' spa and then decided the next day that we wanted to upgrade to the larger 8' LS8OOO spa with more jets and LED light. It was also great that I was able to have exempt status and be reimbursed for sales tax because of my back injuries. It was only a few weeks before the spa was delivered in our back yard. This gave us time to sell our old spa, remove the old spa platform and extend our patio slab to make room for the larger spa.

Our 7 year old son Alex and 3 year old daughter Ashley counted down the days we would receive our spa and now enjoy swimming in it everyday. We love the thermal white tub that hangs over the cabinet, reflects the beautiful colors of the LED light and keeps the water temperature warm between uses. The spa has great features and many more than our last spa. The lounge is nice to have with the calve and foot jets that our other spa didn't have and I can also use the calve jets to relieve my sciatic pain in my thighs which I was unable to do in my old spa. The skimmer filtering system keeps the water cleaner longer and filter replacement is easier than our old spa. Our favorite powerful jets that our other spa did not have are the round middle one with holes in it that spin and great for lower back pain.

Working with Bill and April has been a pleasurable experience. They're very professional and give wonderful care and prompt response to their customer's needs. They also provide a great product that you'll be satisfied with. Thanks to Bill, April and Mike for providing us with great service and the spa of our dreams!

Pete Cammarata
Gilbert, AZ

I wanted to take this opportunity to express our satisfaction w/your product. It is a great spa and we've been using it almost everyday. The kids love it and I appreciate the exceptional workmanship. It really does surpass all your competition and the value is outstanding.

Robert R. Lee
Midway City, CA

LifeSpas made it so easy for me to purchase a spa. In addition to sharing valuable information about spas and the way they are made, they offered me various options for payment including financing and layaway. This allowed me to get the spa I wanted without the financial burden of paying for everything up front. LifeSpas makes purchasing a spa a reality, no matter what your budget may be.

Bill Carroll
Austin, TX

If you have never purchased a spa and don't know much about them, a visit to LifeSpas is where you need to start your search. When Bill, the owner, told me he needed two hours to tell me about his spa I thought I would be out of there in 30 minutes. Three hours later I was an expert on spas and a proud owner of a new spa. There are a lot of spa retailers around town, but few are going to have the knowledge of the folks at LifeSpas. Their follow-up service has been remarkable. When I had a problem with the water quality they came out to my house, 20 miles out of town, and helped me adjust the chemical composition to clear up the problem. When I had a water jet go out, they simply gave me a new one without questions. When I go in to purchase the tablets for my spa it is always an enjoyable visit with the good folks that work there. Do not buy a spa without stopping at LifeSpas first.

Pros: Great showroom and great service

Chris Campbell
Sun Lakes, AZ

We are thrilled with our spa and have been in it almost everyday since our installation. The delivery was well done; delivery men were polite and informative. The electrical connection was done in a very timely manner and these men were also very polite. I would recommend LifeSpas to anyone looking to purchase a spa.

Robert Granatelli
Austin, TX

This is a quality spa for a reasonable price made with top shelf components. This is the second spa I’ve own over the past two decades and I’ve been very satisfied with it since day one. The LifeSpa uses durable jets that are easy to adjust even at full pressure, a top of the line controller that’s easy to use, an energy efficient pump motor that is powerful and quiet, and an almost indestructible shell that will last a lifetime or two. The installers were professional during the installation, even though they had to deal with a very difficult location to install the spa. Before you buy your next spa check out LifeSpas of Austin, you won’t be disappointed.

Pros: A great spa for a fair price

Cons: May have to wait a few weeks while the spa is being made and shipped.

Bernie Baillargeon
Cave Creek, AZ

When we came in to look at your spa and were showed the difference between acrylic and your spas I was surprised and skeptical. But now that we've had our LS 7000 for 2 months we're very pleased with the quality and low maintenance. We just are able to use it and enjoy it. Thanks so much for getting us over the hurdle of making a decision to do it. Thanks again.

Ken and Patty Kovell
Georgetown, Texas

From the beginning, we knew we would love our experience with LifeSpas of Texas! From the ease of selecting and ordering our spa, to your regular delivery updates and finally your quick, professional delivery directly to our prelaid pad, every aspect of this purchase went a smoothly as one could hope for. There is nothing quite like the Bromine Generator! Our Grandkids just love it and we love to come out at night, soak in our tub (with the LED lights on, by the way) and just enjoy all Texas Hill Country has to offer!!

Al & Sally Bagdon
La Quinta, CA

My wife & I don’t jump to conclusions, nor do we endorse products or services without serious considerations. We’re really comfortable with the investment we made in a LifeSpas Spa. It’s used almost every day of the week, which says a lot for quality & consistent performance.

My wife & I are semi-retired & monitor our spending closely. A spa for us is a major investment! We’ve had 3 of them over the past 15 years, covering Mission Viejo, CA, & Cape Cod, MA. (They were not a LifeSpas product, unfortunately!)

When we relocated to La Quinta, CA two years ago, we didn’t really want the expense & upkeep of a pool. We found this unbelievable deal for a spa in the paper, which led us to our third spa, & LifeSpas Spas. Having been in sales & marketing for 30 years, I figured, if it’s that good it can’t be true! Let me say to anyone reading this unsolicited testimonial, if you're in the market for a spa, you owe it to yourself to check out the quality of LifeSpas products!

Sally & I shop quality, service, longevity, & salesmanship:

Quality: Sally & I urge you to check out the thickness of the LifeSpas material as compared to any LifeSpas competitor. We experienced blistering of the top skin on one of our “other” Spas, & flexing of the material as we got into the spa on “another”, causing us worry if we were going to break through the bottom while in the spa.

Service: We had some minor issues, which we expected. What we didn’t expect is the prompt service we received! (Try to find reliable service today!)

Longevity: After one & a half years, we’re more than satisfied with our decision to go with a LifeSpas product!!!!

Salesmanship: (My pet subject) If you have a superior product, sold by a low key, down to earth, knowledgeable salesperson, your decision making process is sure made a heck of a lot easier! Tom was our salesperson & addressed all of our objections to our satisfactions. He provided solid proof, that LifeSpas was the only product of choice for us!

If you're looking for genuine therapy and/or relaxation, LifeSpas should be a top consideration on your list. We certainly made the right decision, hope you do too!!

John & Dawn Bronson
Phoenix, AZ

We are writing to tell you how much we are enjoying our Life Spa! Everything about our Life Spas experience has been awesome! We enjoyed the Life Spas presentation, which taught us about the different types of spas, and the importance of choosing the Spa that is right for us. The process was so easy, and it was a pleasure doing business with you!

We were excited when we received our spa, it was perfect! We happened to have 2 couples staying the weekend with us in December when the Spa arrived, and everyone enjoyed it so much! It is a perfect fit for just the two of us or even up to 8 of our friends! Now that we've had the Life Spa for almost a year, I can't imagine being without it! It has been a huge stress reliever for my husband and I who both have stressful careers. It also serves as a great way to relax and unwind at the end of the day with your spouse. We will be celebrating 1 year with our Life Spa this December, and it is in the same perfect condition as when we received it! Life Spas is a great product with great customer service!

Thanks again Life Spas, we couldn't be happier with our Life Spa!

Una & Sandy T.
Austin, Texas

I apologize for taking so long to tell you how much I'm enjoying my new LifeSpas Spa, but after a few minutes in it I'm so relaxed, writing thank you notes is the last thing on my mind. The experience of purchasing the spa was a pleasure. Selecting and ordering the spa was easy, thanks to your professionalism. Not only was delivery on time by date but also by the hour, despite a Texas thunderstorm. The ozonenator is great and the LED lights wonderful. After a hard day at work soaking in the tub on the lounge with a glass of wine and the changing colors of lights is definitely
the way to relax.

This spa is a replacement for one we'd had and enjoyed for 10 years, I say "we" but I have a non spa loving husband who didn't even dip a big toe in the previous one. However, although not a convert, he does admit that after a round of golf or a couple of hours Scottish Country Dancing a short time in the tub relieves all the aches and pains.

Todd Hillman
Phoenix, AZ

About a month ago I purchased one of your Lifespas. This is one of the best things I have done this year! Not only is the construction second to none, the spa is well-built and very economical on energy.

For anyone considering this company, take it from someone who has had other above ground brands as well as built-in hot tubs, this is BY FAR the best choice for comport and great satisfaction.

Norway Spa ArticleVann-Matik Micro Irrigation Systems
Krokkleiva, Norway

Quick Translation
Happiness is Outdoor Spa When it’s Hailing!
Olen is a small town east of Haugesund (on the Norwegian West Coast). Four women started a new initiative. They combine a one hour walk, one hour sitting in the spa, and a swim in the ice cold Olen Fjord (The North Sea) during the summer and winter. The results are four slim bathing beauties, free from being overweight and stress problems. They swim in the sea when the air temperature is around 37 degrees and the water temperature is around 35 degrees. They declare that they have never been in better shape or better health.

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